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Vedic Astrology

Vedic report. Your data is not stored anywhere on our servers and it’s not used for any other purpose than generating your Vedic horoscope & subscribing you to os.me newsletter. The Vedic astrology calculator or horoscope calculator will generate your Vedic Kundli which could be used as a guiding tool to make conscious choices.


Numerology, or the science of numbers, is all about numbers, and their vibrational bent aids the numerologists to predict the future of the person. Numerologists presume that numbers hold the strength to influence the person’s traits as well as the events that occur in their lives. Numerology, in general, studies the total sum of the numbers that occur on the date of birth of an individual with the numerological correspondent of the alphabet in their name.

Face Reading

Face reading astrology is very useful and just like any other science such as astrology or palmistry and will help you learn more about a person and their personality traits. It can also help you to understand the inherent characteristics and nature of a person. We can know about a person and his fate just by looking at his face and his body parts. Different types of faces reflect different personalities. One can judge the person very easily with this technique.

Palm Reading

The practice of reading one’s palm to obtain results about one’s life is known as Palmistry. Quite popular all throughout the world, it also goes by the name of Chiromancy. The roots of this practice are set in countries like India and China and some parts of ancient Israel. In these respective countries, it is believed that the successful implementation of this practice will help one in determining his/her luck. In the domain of Vedic astrology, Palmistry is considered integral to conduct studies on various aspects of a human being’s life.

Kundali Matching

Several couples face the Love Marriage problem which they can solve just by using some magical remedies and are always worth to make things to go smooth even after marriage. Astrology now helps you to get Ex Love Back which is the best and easy way of handling the things and remove every friction that creates differences among various couple.

Astrology Teaching

In recent times, Astrology has emerged as one of the good career options for those who are interested in becoming a successful astrologer. After 12th, there are short and long-term courses available in India provided by some universities and organizations like the Indian Institute of Astrology, Indian Council of Astrological Sciences, and many more.

Gemstone Expert

Astrological Gem specializes in providing the finest quality untreated gemstones available with the highest commitment to honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We are passionate about bringing the right gems to the right people for the right purposes.


Ancient India has several gems hidden in its lap, out of which astrology , marine science, palmistry etc. shine the brightest. Vastu Shastra is one amongst them. As the name itself suggests, Vastu Shastra is the traditional science of architecture and describes the significance of any object (vastu), including its direction, layout, and alignment. In simpler words, one can say that Vastu Shastra plays an important role in enriching our lives with the help of which we can build our homes, offices, temples, educational institutions etc.

Tarot Card Reading

There are a lot of times in our lives where we feel lost and don’t get the motivation we need to move forward. During such times, we ask a lot of questions as to why all these things are happening to use what are happenings and no one can answer those questions for us.

Kundali Ananlysis

Birthastro brings to you dedicated Kundli software. As per Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology, Kundli or Janam Kundli or Indian horoscope is a basic tool of astrological science which is used to forecast the upcoming events in contrast to the study of the universal bodies in solar system influencing Earth, human bodies, creatures, plants etc. Kundli is also known as birth chart or natal chart. To prepare a Kundli, the correct time of birth, place, and date has to be known.

Match Macthing

A Kundli depicts the Life of a person wherein the multiple aspects have been divided into 12 different houses, based on which an astrologer can predict your past, present and future depending upon your karmas. It is complete science in itself which is a graphical representation of planets, houses, stars and constellations in the universe and their effect on your life course.

100% Effective Remedies

Evidence for the effectiveness of herbal medicines is generally very limited. Although some people find them helpful, in many cases their use tends to be based on traditional use rather than scientific research.remedies are meant for prevention of diseases and management of simple and minor illnesses like common cold, cough, to aid recovery from illness and to manage symptoms of minor ailments like loss of appetite, indigestion etc.

Modern Astrology

In order for you to to be happy and peaceful in your relationship, he offers a lot of astrology services for your o have a discussion with him and have a clear picture of everything. If you are in search of a good and experienced astrologer to help you with any of your queries related to your past, future or present, then Abhay Rishi is the go-to person for you.

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology (traditionally known as iatromathematics) is an ancient applied branch of astrology based mostly on melothesia (Gr. μελοθεσία), the association of various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs with the nature of the sun, moon, planets, and the twelve astrological signs.

Vedic Pooja Expert

Every Hindu family has a temple room or temple in their home that is dedicated to the deity worship. They visit temples to provide obeisance to idols that are installed after ‘pranprathistha’. Praying at home is a faithful but not as effective as praying in temples. Although, it does not mean that worships at home hold less importance.

Bhagwati Astrologers is well known personality in the field of astrology. His interest in the astrology from his childhood has made him much popular today. There are lots of the people who have seen that how actually astrology works for them.

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